Private Investigators in Miami – FAQS

In this section, we answer questions that are frequently asked by people interested in our services.

Détective Privé Miami may be your solution , we can be contracted and do investigations for you but also intensive background checks , fleck papers and license , check the veracity and legality of all the elements provided by the seller cordion Sample Description.

Détective Privé Miami Is the solution! If you have no contact in a country and you have no clue how that works here and want to invest safely. protect yourself before you take the hit , investigate in order to minimize the risk, remember risk 0 does not exist. Sometimes taken by the call of the American dream, the desire to leave , push you to take risks...

We check the licenses of your contacts. We study the lease and check clauses. Package available from 40 h - 8.00 am - 1.00 pm

You do not know the country or shareholders, your investment can be lost entirely, an investigation will help you to take the right decision. investigators have no financial interest of their mission and will inform you with a report of the property or business. Détective Privé Miami is not an accountant, not a lawyer and neither a real estate agent, we are here to protect you in your best interest and coordinate with lawyers if necessary as a private detective agency we will put all chances on your side .